Season of Renewal, Hope And Commitment

The New Year is the season of renewal and a time of commitment, a time to colour our own lives with shades of harmony and hope.

If the Creator had one message for us it would be: All this I have created for you, take pause and reflect; do not corrupt or make desolate your world — if you do, there is no one to set it right after you.

The message is simple: “We are all responsible”, not only for natural ecology but also for the intricate web of humanity.

An Ojibway prayer runs like this: “Grandfather, look at our brokenness, we know that in all creation/ Only the human family/ Has strayed from the Sacred Way./ We know that we are the ones who are divided/ And we are the ones/ Who must come back together/ To walk the Sacred Way/ Grandfather, Sacred One, Teach us love, compassion and honour/ That we may heal the earth/ And heal each other”.

In the New Year we could pray with a heart filled with infinite gratitude and ask: Dear Creator, receive our prayers; and grant us both perception and knowledge of the things we ought to do, also the grace and energy to accomplish them.
Bless our centres of learning; may knowledge and sound learning flourish and abound in them, inspire all who teach and all who learn to seek wisdom to consoli-date the web of humanity. Continue reading