Website’s success is the key.

The popular search engine Google indexes over 8 billion websites. Is one of them yours, or is your website just floating around in cyberspace and you’re hoping your customers will just find you? Is your website a benefit to your organization or company? Is it just an expensive showpiece or is it of true value?

These are some of the many questions that can be asked when launching a new website. With so many different websites being published (some amazing, awful and otherwise), it would be safe to assume that most current business plans underway include the utilization of a website, and that most active companies are utilizing the Internet to some degree. If you are interested in publishing a website, or already have, here are some key elements that may help towards its success:

1. Domain Registration: Be sure to register your domain name ( yourself or have it done within your organization, as opposed to letting a third party register your name. Without control of your domain name registration, you can expect to run into some unnecessary delays if the third party becomes unavailable, which is surprisingly common. You also run the risk of having the registration setup incorrectly or even losing the domain. Purchasing a domain is very easy and available at less than $10 a year, so it is a very inexpensive yet potentially valuable asset.

2. Hosting: After domain registration is complete, you will be in control of where to host your website. Your website will be hosted on an Internet server, a computer that will house your website files and process any functionality such as shopping carts, email, databases, etc. Shop around for hosting options, they vary from inexpensive do-it-yourself options, to managed hosting plans, to exorbitantly expensive plans that are unnecessary. What you need to accomplish with your website will determine what your hosting needs are. I have seen small, compact sites be very effective, so beware of purchasing 500MB of hosting when you may only need 10MB.

3. Design and Development: When it comes to website design, less can often be more. Your website should load quickly and yet be visually stimulating. Try to maintain a consistency of look with any pre-existing marketing material you have in place. Avoid bombarding your visitors with tons of miscellaneous information and links, keep your content precise and to the point, and be sure all of your links work properly and that information is presented in an organized manner. Further development can allow you to take online orders, process payments, store customer info in a database, etc. The type of development you need will depend on what your company wants to accomplish with the website. The bottom line is that even a simple website should be beneficial to your organization when well designed.

4. Caution: Keep in mind that anyone, anywhere in the world, can access your website, so take caution with what you make public. The Internet offers wonders of information exchange, but sadly that can sometimes work against us, depending on who accesses the information and for what reasons. One very bizarre and extremely sad case was the young pregnant mother that was murdered and her baby stolen, after her killer saw a picture of the pregnant woman on the Internet (selling dogs) and then setup a meeting pretending to have an interest in a dog. Focus on publishing informative content related to your products and services only, and keep personal or sensitive information private as much as possible.

5. Marketing: Once your website is designed and hosted you will be ready for visitors, but how are you going to get them to visit your site? Make sure a major search engine indexes your website. If the website is coded correctly, this will be automatic but may take a few weeks. Be sure your website address appears on all of your marketing material, and direct customers to your website for specific reasons, ie. coupons, specials, additional info, etc. Also, explore the many online marketing opportunities as well as traditional print ads.

6. Maintenance: Be sure to pay all domain registration and hosting fees on time. If you would like to be able to update and edit your website yourself, some professional website designers may offer this service. You may be surprised how easily it can be done and being able to do self-maintenance allows you to get the most out of your website.

Good luck and have fun publishing!

Adsense Vocabulary

So, you are considering taking the step of adding Adsense to your blog in order to make some extra money. It can be a wise decision. By using your blog to display contextual advertising, you have created a great opportunity, not only for the blog in question but for future pursuits, as well. Many bloggers enter Adsense without a great deal of experience in online advertising and its terminology. However, in order to better understand exactly what will be happening, it is important to get a firm grasp on some of the unique terminology used when discussing Adsense and blogs. Here are some important terms, their common abbreviations, and meanings:

Terms of Service (TOS). All participants in the Adsense program are required to abide by Google’s Terms of Service. This is basically the “rule book” for Adsense. Those who fail to conduct themselves according to TOS may be banned from participation and/or have their account suspended. Every participant should carefully read the TOS.

Publisher. That’s you. Anyone operating a site displaying Adsense ads is considered a publisher.

Pay per click (PPC). Google Adsense operates predominantly on a pay per click basis. That means the advertiser pays for each time someone clicks upon their ad. It also means that you will get paid for every click.

Click through rate (CTR). This represents the percentage of page impressions that result in a click on an ad at your site. For instance, if your blog gets 100 impressions and 17 of them result in a click, the CTR for your site will be 17%.

Ad unit. An ad unit is a displayed block of Google Adsense ads. There are a variety of ad units from which to choose. They are usually expressed in terms of their size in pixels. For instance, a 120 x 600 tower ad unit will be 120 units wide and 600 units long–tall and skinny.

Ad placement. This refers to where your ads are placed. Publishers may place their Adsense units anywhere on a page consistent with the TOS. There are a variety of online guides, charts and recommendations demonstrating the various location options and how successful they tend to be in producing a high CTR.

Channel. You can set up channels to track the performance of individual Adsense ad units or to track earnings on particular sites. Channels are established in the Set Up area of your Adsense account.

Competitive Ad Filter. Google gives you the option not to display certain advertisements via the competitive ad filter. This allows you to avoid inadvertently advertising someone with whom you are in competition, for instance.

The world of Adsense brings with it a new vocabulary that must be mastered in order to achieve maximum success. Terms like those above become second nature in a short period of time for most Adsense units. By knowing and understanding these terms, you will be better able to understand your performance charts and will be better able to learn more about succeeding with Adsense.

Do not use flash in web pages

I am a person who hates to keep flash in a web page as it reduces the website loading speed drastically.Hence i am writting some of the resons for not including flash in your web pages.Please do have consideration on them and decide yourself.

  1. You can’t use the browser’s Find command to find a word on a Flash page.
  2. You can’t cut-and-paste text from a Flash page.
  3. You can’t use the browser’s “back” button to go back in a Flash file.
  4. To create a Flash website, you need to buy the $500 Flash application from Macromedia; to create an HTML website, you can do so with any free text editor.
  5. It tempts designers to prioritize using Flash over making an easy-to-use and useful website. In the hands of 95% of designers, Flash is used to create websites that would have been better made as HTML.

Love Vs. Friendship (guess the winner?)

I am always thankful for people who stay even if I show them the real me, coz I cant be someone others pressume or expect me to be.. it’s nice to know you remain while I can just be me..

Saying I love you doesn’t only mean loving someone coz you like someone, but for friends, it’s the way to show concern and how much you care, so let me send this message saying I’m here for you coz i love you.

It’s unfair to think so much of you when you’re not missing me at all. To cry when you never shed a tear. To love you when you say words that hurt my heart… and to live when you breathe for someone else.

I loved someone before, I took the risk in loving her even if I dont know what will happen… One day I decided to give up. My friend ask, “What happened?” I answered back, “Not much let me be alone for sometime…”

God wont leave us empty. If something’s been taken away, He replaces it with something better. He asks us to put something down so we can pick up something greater.

I have so many stupid mistakes in my life but sometimes I did right was to have you as my friend and I definetly don’t want to make any stupid mistake again of losing someone like you.

When you arer down, I’d be there to cheer you up. When your tired, I’d be here to lift you up. I’d be your friend no matter what has happened between us.

If I had only one hour to live and I could be with you, I would spend the whole time in your arms.. I wouldn’t even tell you I was dying.. I would just hug you tight and say: “Just be my friend forever…”

I closed my eyes for a moment and tried to visualize how my life would be without you. Try as I might, I cant. So just hang on in there. Coz I wouldn’t know what I’d do without you.

One day you’ll ask me, “which is more important to you? Me or your life?” I’ll say, “my life” and you’ll go and leave me without even knowing that you are my life.

Many times in my life I miss someone so much I want to pick him up in my dreams and hug him for real… Many times this someone is you!

Allow me to thank you for all the effort you’ve shown me. The warm company you’ve given me and most of all the friendship i’ve incountered with you! Thank you!

Missing someone is worse than being blind; like paralysis it cripples your mind; like death, it kills your heart; like emptiness, it tears your world apart. Miss you that bad!

Someday, someone will come into your life and love your life you’ve always wanted. If that was yesterday, learn. If that will be tomorrow, wait and if that is today, keep and don’t let go.

You may not hear from me often how I appreciate you as a friend, but beyond that silence, our friendship creates a beautiful music in my heart that I’ll cherish forever.

– To my sweetest friend.

Outsourcing means more parallel work

As an online business owner, do you find yourself facing some major challenges with getting more work done, in less time, and as a result your business suffers?

If you’re one of the thousands of people that suffer from running a one man operation and are desperately seeking serious help with the necessary key areas of your online successfully, now you will have the answers, but first…

Which of these every day Business tasks take up most of your time?

Answering Email
Web Design
Script Installations
Recruiting Affiliates
Recruiting Link Partners
Search Engine Optimization
Article Submissions
Testing Marketing Campaigns
Keyword Research
Content Research
Developing AdSense Websites

Sound familiar?

How’s that 1 man operation working for ya?

Are you your own webmaster, business manager, vp of operations, programming team, customer support rep, secretary, etc. ?

If so, now is the perfect time for you to take charge of your life, and take control of your online business activities before they take control of YOU once and for all.

Many online business owner’s suffer with these ongoing headaches, believing there’s no other alternative. It’s happened to the best of us, and it can happen to you too, if it hasn’t happened already…

Before you decide to hire outside help, be sure that you have a clear vision of the task at hand that you want the company, or freelancer to perform for you.

Freelancers vs. Outsourcing Firms

A Freelancer is often the first choice, but after dealing with my fair share of Freelancers, some are very difficult to deal with, worse yet, they often have more then 1 project on the go, and can take weeks or months before your project is completed. ( Some charge a lot higher then the original bid, when it’s all said and done. )

A Freelancer is limited to their individual resources, meaning there’s only so much 1 person can do, plus they often excel at just 1 skill. If you have multiple projects, and multiple tasks
at hand, a Freelancer will not be able to keep up with your ever growing business demands.

When to use Freelancers?

If you have a single project, which doesn’t take a lot of time, and can quickly be accomplished by a person with specialized skills, such as a programmer or graphics designer, or if you need a script installed on your server, and they can do it quickly for you.

Where to find Freelancers?

Check out,, and other freelance related sites, when you’re tired of searching for the right individual, then you may be ready for an Outsourcing Firm.

When to use an Outsourcing Firm?

When an Outsourcing Firm is well established and setup, it will often be able to keep up with your ongoing demands, such as:

Handling your customer service, designing your graphics, and websites, recruiting affiliates along with link partners, Installing scripts for you, they’ll also be able to implement
traffic strategies, and complete any tasks that are demanded to run your business effectively. ( If of course they’re properly set up )

Rather then having 1 freelancer do several jobs for you, an Outsourcing Firm will often have teams in place, specifically trained to handle multiple tasks.

How do you benefit?

You can now have multiple projects, and tasks completed at the SAME time, rather than waiting for each job to be completed before moving on to the next.

Before choosing either a Freelancer or an Outsourcing Firm, be sure to evaluate your company’s goals, and determine which option would be best suited for your tasks at hand.

Be sure to check out their portfolios, ask to see client testimonials, and determine their reputation, and their ability to deliver results in a timely manner. Remember, Time is Money, and you can’t afford to lose either one!

As a business owner, you want to work with people that will maximize your results, require minimum supervision, and give you the peace of mind of knowing that your projects will be completed on time, every time.

When you Outsource successfully, you will have more time to focus on growing your business, rather then working in it.

Outsourcing Dot Com is a firm focused on helping online business owners eliminate the painstaking tasks that are taking up their precious time. It was built for online business
owners, by a successful online business owner.

You can get a sneak peak at what current Outsourcing Dot Com clients are saying about their projects, and how they’re now enjoying more FREE time to spend with their family and friends…

Some are now focused on the key areas that will maximize their profits this year. Read their stories below, and find out how you too can get more work done, in LESS time, because you too deserve to have more time to enjoy with family and friends.

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