Believe In Your Heart

Believe in your heart
that something wonderful is about to happen.

Love your life.
Believe in your own powers,
and your own potential,
and in your own innate goodness.

Wake every morning
with the awe of just being alive.
Discover each day the magnificent,
awesome beauty in the world.

Explore and embrace life in yourself
and in everyone you see each day.
Reach within to find your own specialness.
Amaze yourself and rouse those around you
to the potential of each new day.

Don’t be afraid to admit
that you are less than perfect;
this is the essence of your humanity.

Let those who love you help you.
Trust enough to be able to take.
Look with hope to the horizon of today,
for today is all we truly have.

Live this day well.
Let a little sun out as well as in.
Create your own rainbows.
Be open to all your possibilities;
all possibilities and Miracles.

Always believe in Miracles.

If One Day

If one day you feel like crying… Call me.
I don’t promise that
I will make you laugh,
But I can cry with you.

If one day you want to run away,
Don’t be afraid to call me.
I don’t promise to ask you to stop…
But I can run with you.

If one day you don’t want to listen to anyone… Call me.
I promise to be there for you.
And I promise to be very quiet.

But if one day you call…
And there is no answer…
Come fast to see me.
Maybe I need you.

If I ever ignored you.
I’m Sorry…

If I ever made you feel bad or put you down.
I’m Sorry…

If I ever thought I was bigger or better than you.
I love you…
Don’t ever forget that!

Through bad times and good,
I’ll always be here for you.

I am Sorry…
For everything wrong I’ve ever done.

I’m writing this because what if tomorrow never comes?
What if I never get to say goodbye or give you a BIG hug?
What if I never get to say I’m sorry or I love you?
Because what if tomorrow never comes?

Prayer for My Computer

Every single evening
As I’m lying here in bed,
This tiny little Prayer
Keeps running through my head.

God bless all my family
Wherever they may be,
Keep them warm and safe from harm
For they’re so close to me.

And God, there is one more thing
I wish that you could do,
Hope you don’t mind me asking
Please bless my computer too.

Now I know that it’s unusual
To Bless a motherboard,
But listen just a second
While I explain it to you, Lord.

You see that little metal box
Holds more than odds and ends,
Inside those small compartments
Rest so many of my friends.

I know so much about them
By the kindness that they give,
And this little scrap of metal
Takes me in to where they live.

By faith is how I know them
Much the same as you,
We share in what life brings us
And from that our friendships grew.

Please take an extra minute
From your duties up above,
To bless those in my address book
That’s filled with so much love.

Wherever else this prayer may reach
To each and every friend,
Bless each e-mail inbox
And each person who hits send.

When you update your Heavenly list
On your own CD-ROM,
Bless everyone who says this prayer
Sent up to

Dedicated to those who Lost Love…

This is dedicated to those who had Lost Love…who still feel the agony of pain that dwells from a Love that once was there’s but is now LOST…If this relates to you,then don’t let love get you down,cheer up and learn from it,Like the old saying goes,”If your love wants to go set it free,If it comes back to you then it is meant to be yours!!!”,………..But if it doesn’t then respect it and let be



Our communication – Wireless

Our business – Cashless

Our telephone – Cordless

Our cooking – Fireless

Our youth – Jobless

Our religion – Creedless

Our food – Fatless

Our faith – Godless

Our labour – Effortless

Our conduct – Worthless

Our relation – Loveless

Our attitude – Careless

Our feelings – Heartless

Our politics – Shameless

Our education – Valueless

Our Follies – Countless

Our arguments – Baseless

Our commitment – Aimless

Our poor – Voiceless

Our life – Meaningless