Showing ads on a perticular page

I have a wordpress based blog and i want to display adverts only on the homepage of my blog and not on the sitewide, because i want to have a control on homepage and sitewide adverts. Is this possible?
This is very much possible because wordpress files can be customised to the maximum since its one of the best CMS made ever and anyone can play around with it and great blogs. Now lets get back to the point regarding showing some type of advert or code only on the homepage and not sitewide by limited its display.

<?php if(is_home() && $post==$posts[0] && !is_paged()) { ?>
You need to add your advert code here which is shown on the homepage only.
<?php } ?>

Another option would be trying with a php code which runs a statement where in if its homepage then certain code is run if not its void.

if (is_home())
echo ‘is_home() returned true’;
echo ‘is_home() returned false’;

and if you are looking for the easiest way then try out this following code :

<?php if ( is_home() ) { ?>
Here the content only on the index page
<?php } ?>

This is all a part of Conditional Tags feature of wordpress which has lot more options and the ones i have posted above are the easiest of all. Hope this helps you out in adding/showing some stuff only on the index/homepage of your blog and limit them from displaying on the sitewide section.

Corporate WordPress theme

Now it is time for WordPress 2.5 themes to get released. Getting my hands dirty with wordpress 2.5. After having upgraded my site to wordpress 2.5 i have found that wordpress has evolved a lot than i expected.Hats off to their development team.

Here i present to you a brand new creation of mine which is ideal for blogs those serve corporate identities.Theme is been developed on WordPress 2.5 platform and have some cool features within it.Simple colour scheme suits any kind of business related themes.

Features of the theme

1.Widgetised Sidebar

2.Flashing header

3.Tags associated with each post

Demo : Click here…

Download : Corporate Wordpress theme (1103)

Plugin Required : Flash fader Plugin (787)

Joomla a strong CMS

We are living in a wireless communication world and the importance of online business is increasing day by day. Currently the internet is acting as a best medium to introduce oneself through websites and other social communities available online based on web 2.0 technology. Internet marketing is now one of the major multi-billion dollar industries. These days internet presence has become vital and a modern website is expected to do most businesses. Looking at the current market scenario the online search for proper information is gaining its importance. Online search refers to the ability to search for information or find businesses and organizations. The ability to accommodate for global online search has provided real opportunities for small business, to take the essential steps to maximize their online presence and website performance.

Website development has made easier for small business firms to establish their online presence but the marketing challenge has become greater, and currently many firms have started recognizing the significance of web marketing. Consequently, every organization whether big or small needs to observe their website performance to ensure that the opportunities available can be utilized effectively. As a result no one can disregard the value of maintaining effective website having proper information and relevant content.

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sIFR-The magic of javascript and Flash

SIFR-Scalable Inman Flash Replacement.As the meaning of the word suggest it has something to do with the flash and the replacement of something in the web in flash.SIFR enables us to embed the customized fonts into web page by the use of javascript with some special kind of flash.

sIFR (or Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) is created by Mike Davidson. It solves the problem that disappoints of many people when they first start designing websites – browsers only accept a limited number of fonts. Some people try to get around this obstacle by using images for text, but this technique is bad for SEO, invisible to screenreaders and difficult to change. SIFR uses Javascript and Flash to solve all those issues.

However, one thing you need to do is create a special Flash file to hold your font. In this quick tutorial we’ll show you how to use sIFR on your Joomla site in 8 easy steps:

Simple Instructions to Create Cool Font Headings in Joomla.

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Rule Of Friendship

You can’t change anybody
You can’t change the way they are
You simply have to accept it
Whether its good or bad

The rule of friendship lies in respect
As well as loyalty
Though he’s not good as you thought
He’s still the friend you respect the most

We can’t chose someone to be
there for us
We simply have to wait for them
That’s somehow someone will
understand us
And accept us as we are

Friendship is the nicest thing God
create for us
It doesn’t cost a cent
But somehow means a lot for us
To be able to live pleasantly

Friends are siblings that God never
gave us
But still they are always there for us
To add happiness in our lives
And peace of mind

Can we be able to befriend with
someone who doesn’t care for us?
Of course we can’t
They are maybe few in this world
But they should be true

The rule of friendship
Must be hand in hand
for it might be too late
When we realize that we meet
false friends…..

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