Hoping You Know

Loving you more
than words could ever say
bad choices that were made
believe me I have paid.

Giving you a life
then running far away
sorry doesn’t seem enough
I’m human and make mistakes.

Hoping you never hate me
knowing you’re hurt and mad
it’s better this way for now
although I feel really, really bad.

Just remember one thing’s for sure
deep down in moms broken heart
my love for you is deep and strong
no matter the miles apart.

Traps of life

Hello everyone i found this very nice article while surfing on internet.And i would like to share it with all of you.This article is very much worth of reading.

Trap # 1: The Trap of Tomorrow

Tomorrow. Tomorrow can be feared, or desired. Tomorrow could be anything. Tomorrow could be nothing. This unpredictability of tomorrow is why we must live in the present. You could die today. You could die tomorrow. Wasting your time thinking about tomorrow is a terrible idea. Fearing tomorrow is just as bad as wanting tomorrow. Whatever tomorrow has in store for you will happen. Tomorrow will come soon enough. In fact, tomorrow will come too soon. Screw tomorrow. Live for today. Tomorrow will come whether you like it or not, so stop worrying about it. It’s pointless. Living for tomorrow is a veil that can blind anyone; be strong, don’t be blinded by it.

Trap #2: The Trap of Yesterday

Yesterday. Was yesterday good or bad? Why do you even care? Are you ever going to feel what you felt yesterday again? Probably. BUT are you going to be in that EXACT situation ever again? Hell no. Yesterday is over. Whatever happened yesterday is done and over with, and is a part of you life forever. Live for today, yesterday could have been the best day of your life, it could have been the worst day of your life, it could even have been an average day. What difference does it make? It’s over no matter what. Live in the present no matter how terrible the present is. Don’t forget about those great memories of yesterday, they are all you have. But don’t dwell on them. Look to the past only when you want to remember an old friend, or an old place, or an old feeling, or an old situation. Remembering a great feeling every now and then is completely different than living in that feeling, or trying to make that feeling last longer than it was meant. Again, live for today. It’s all that matters.

Trap #3: The Trap of the Closed Door

There are millions upon millions of chances, choices, and opportunities we as humans have. It is impossible to take advantage of every one. Most of the time we don’t even see a hundredth of them. When one door in your life closes, always remember there are a million more open ones. Always remember that there are still millions of doors that are always open in your life. Focusing on that one closed door will waste your time on this planet. Every thought you spend on that closed door will bring you closer to the end of your life. Look at the possibilities, not the impossibilities. Why worry about something that never was meant to be? Something that never could be? Never forget that closed door, it will make a nice memory, but do not focus all of your attention to it. It’s pointless, don’t let this trap in life hold you back.

Trap #4: The Trap of Change

Think about how your day went. Now compare that to yesterday. How were the two days different. It is likely they aren’t different hardly at all. This is because we as humans get into the classic routine thing. Well this is unavoidable. It is impossible to get a new job every day and it is impossible to do something new everyday. But what happens when we get into those routines, is we end up fearing change. We actually go out of our way to avoid change. Change is the spice of life. Change makes our lives exciting. Do not fear change. You should seek change in your life, not avoid it. I believe we fear change because once we are “happy” and once we have a “purpose” we are afraid of losing it. Can anybody say lack of risk? Live it up baby!!! Change is coming. You are changing everyday. Right now you’re changing as you read my words. I am changing you right now. Don’t be afraid of change!!! Change is good. Change will make your life fun and exciting. Do you not want a fun and exciting life?

Trap #5: The Trap of Giving up on Love

Love makes the world go round. We have all had disastrous love experiences. By letting that pain you felt during that hard time will only make your life less of an adventure. If you keep trying, you will find a person who you love, and who you would die for, and a person who would die for you, and who loves you. Keep looking, Keep loving, keep searching. You’ll find her. Do not let the pain of the yesterday hold you back today. NEVER give up on love. Love is why your alive today. Your parents probably loved each other at some time if they do not love each other today. Think about it. Someone has loved you, return that love to the world. Hate will only drag you down and destroy your life. This is why I discourage the “jerk” approach to women. To Love is to live. So keep on living.

Trap #6: The Trap of not Fighting

Ever want to give up? Of course. We all want to give up. We all want the easy way out. If you give up every time you will fail to live your life to its fullest. Keep fighting through it. You’ll get out. I promise you’ll get out. Whether it is by death or with life, you will get out. You must keep trying to achieve what you want. If you give up now, all the time you spent yesterday will have been in vain, and tomorrow will be forever changed. Keep fighting through the toughest times of your life, they will pass. Keep going!!!

Trap #7: The Trap of Fighting

This is contradictory to the trap above. What you must understand is that you must achieve equilibrium between fighting and not fighting. You must know when you have been defeated. If you fight for something you will never achieve then all the time you spent will be spent in vain. Fight for the possible, not for the impossible. You must know when to throw in the towel, and when you do, hold your chin high and have pride because you did one of the hardest things to do, admit defeat. We all lose in life. We also win every now and then too. The key is to treat every loss as a victory, because for every loss you encounter, you will leave the situation with more experience. Is that not a victory? It’s always win win. You have to learn to stop fighting for the impossible and to spend that time doing something else, rather than wasting your time for something you will never achieve.

Trap #8: The Trap of Dreams

Dreams are wonderful. Everyone has dreams. Everyone has wished at some point in their life they were someone else, or could do something they can’t do. The power of dreams is a strong one. Chasing your dreams is an act very few of us do though. Most people live in their dreams. Most people are actually content with just dreaming something, and not living it. It you do not chase after your dreams, then your dreams are holding you back. The power of dreams is pretty strong huh? They can guide you through your life, or hold you from achieving anything. Chase your dreams. Go after what you dream about. Unless your dream is to walk and you have no legs, then don’t tell about me about how it could never be. If it never could be, then so be it, but how will you ever know for sure if you never try? At least try to follow your dreams, if you physically cannot achieve them, then at least you tried.

Trap #9: The Trap of False Hope

Some things were never meant to be. It’s a fact of life. Some things you will never have, and never have a chance to get. You must accept this. If you keep living in your wonderland and if you keep thinking that it will happen when you know in your heart it never will, then there goes more time of your life wasted. Believing something that isn’t true may make you feel better, but it will only hurt you in the long run. Accept the truth for what it is. Stop giving yourself false hope.

Trap #10: The Trap of the “Perfect” and “Normal” life

Think about what you want your life to be like. You probably want a house, a nice job, a beautiful wife, maybe a few kids. Who knows. Only you do. We all have these ideas of a perfect life. We all have ideas of how we want our lives to be. This “perfect” little “normal” life is an illusion. You can’t define normal. No one can. Normal is a word used to confuse people into believing something is right. You will never be normal. No one is “normal”. Every person is different and so how can you be normal in a world full of diversity? There is no perfect and normal life. Your life is what you make it. People also mistake the world boring for normal. Spice up your life. “Normal” people have no idea what in the hell they want. This is why they call themselves “normal”. They have been led to believe that what they are doing is the right thing, and that anything else would be “weird”. “Life is a journey, not a destination”–Aerosmith. There is no perfect life, there is no such thing as a normal life, and there is no such thing as the right thing. You and only you can decide these things for yourself.

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