You will never know…

Broken hearted with a personality that’s parted
All alone in a world with friends
Nothing seems right it’s all coming to an end
Words are spoken but no one ever hears
Why do I cry these hot salty tears
No one to trust no one who cares
On my own in world of pairs
As much as I tell, you won’t understand
Look deep inside, it’s not what I planned
Lied to and cheated, I’m left defeated
What you see is what I choose to show
Perhaps you will just never know…

Web Design Strategy with Search engine marketing

The phrase “web design strategy means a range of different things to different people, and involves more than merely “design decisions. The term seems to imply that the issue is about color, page layout and the use of Flash animations. Yes, these factors are part of the big picture, but the “bigger picture is about the overall design of your website, meaning its entire “architecture.

You need to find out how your site’s overall “information architecture affects its visibility to search engines. The truth is, specific web page elements like your navigation scheme and technologies like CSS (Cascading Style Scripts) or JavaScript can either interfere with or aid a search engine’s ability to “spider and rate your site. Sometimes an element can do both, at the same time!

The whole topic of a “site architecture or web design strategy that supports Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has really been quite poorly addressed. Many companies that do SEM consulting have less than state-of-the-art knowledge of how information architecture and design strategy affect a site’s usability and organic rankings. If your consultant, or your own research, is focusing only on search advertising, media buys and bidding processes, you are not getting the whole picture.

A top position in the Google results is useless if site visitors aren’t being converted into buyers. A successful site architecture and site design strategy will address the needs of both the search engines and your visitors/customers.
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