Dell Inspiron 1525 conquered…


Well there is a special motive behind writtng this post 2:45 AM in the night. As i am very much glad that i saved my laptop from a biiig trouble and thereby causing me to wait for support guys to get it repaired and pay for the support some 1000 bucks i guess.

Now the story begins, Day was 15th August everyone was celebrating independance day out there and we were having holiday in college(Normally they wont give but thanks to Swine Flu) It provided us a nice holiday of about 4 days. So i was thinking of formatting my laptop because of lot viruses thanks to BGIMS computer lab (Virus house) grrrr…..!!!

So started with the procedure, went on normally put in cd Windows Vista (provided by Dell : God bless them). Went on smoothly but later on i found that after installing my windows there was some unpartitioned space which was not showing up in explorer. So first thing came to my mind was Partition magic ( This software i used long back to format and partition my old computer.) Now here the trouble starts. The software first said that it was compatible with Windows Vista but later it gave some error to me and then asked for restart. I restarted my laptop and nightmare came to me as Windows Famous “BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH”.

I kept it cool restarted windows with again taking boot from windows Vista CD. But this time it was not allowing me to format the existing partition.This night mare was really getting into my nerves now.Then came a very sad news about expiry of my relative and had to spend entire 16th with the family and forgot about the laptop.

When came back home on 17th evening i again started working on it. So it was not allowing me to format. I called up my vendor, He said he will come and look at it. He did not show up. He wud have normally take it to service centre and reformatted it with some magic that i would not have came across.

Since a software engineer if i gave up infront of this issue then It would have been an insult of my degree so i decided to do anything to make it work again. So i first went on google (As all engineers do..) and searched for the error code that my laptop was giving me. The error was  with code “ 0×8004240f ” . Many results came up some pointing towards microsofts website but visiting each link results in same forum entry, same replies and NO SOLUTION.

Luckily i find one webpage at Tech Pavan which discussing exactly same issue as mine. He has shared his experience and would be solution for this problem. Also stated to use it your own risk. So i took it and did what it mentioned over there.But not much of success.

Now i had lost my recovery disk also in the entire hard drive formatting and now the laptop was not starting only saying “bootmgr is missing” this was getting worse. I again searched some wierd query in google that how to install vista on clean hard drive and miracle happened. I came across this webpage telling about “Dell’s utility partitioning tool” and i followed the instructions there. And suddenly hard drive appeared on the windows instalation screen. This was magic for me as hard drive was not showing up when i was trying to install Windows and now suddenly it appears. I went on doing partiotions and installed Vista on my laptop and all drivers provided by Dell. This is best thing i found during my experince about Dell that is why it is famous for and now i have experienced it.

Ok enough now it is already 3:15 AM in night and got to go to college tomorrow morning. I shared my experience for those who may also have this kind of nightmare. So good night guys and have fun!!!