Font issue with Slimmity wordpress theme in IE9

Yesterday, I upgraded my browser to IE9 and quite liked the updates from Microsoft in IE9 they have done many good and major updates. I opened my own website in IE9 browser to check if the alignments are been properly or i need to spend any time on it.
I found that theme has been very well fitted in IE9 but i surprised to see that all titles of my posts and widgets in sidebar has been disappeared. They are using Cufon to display custom fonts. I searched regarding on internet but there is not much support.
Since have slight idea about Jquery in my couple of projects I doubted about it.
I downloaded latest Cufon Jquery from their official website. Took backup of current Cufon jquery and uploaded this new one and magic works.
Hope it would help other Slimmity users across globe.

Facebook VS LinkedIn what is your choice???

There is absolutely no comparison between facebook and LinkedIn for the reason that facebook was designed to promote social networking and LinkedIn for professional purposes. The purpose of facebook is to help people keep in touch with their ex-class fellows and family members whereas LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best professional site on the planet. It allows members of different companies and institutes to share ideas with each other. It also gives CEO of the company an opportunity to maintain the list of all the employees of his company. Facebook is unquestionably the largest social networking site of all time. Recently it achieved a new landmark when 500 million users used facebook in a single day. Facebook contains business pages that enable you to stay connected with innovation of different companies but facebook has one drawback that it does not allow you to connect with strangers. So basically facebook is only for staying connected with people in your immediate social circle. LinkedIn on the other hand is ideal for professionals. They can easily share their views and ideas with people of their own caliber. The LinkedIn has one major drawback and that is you cannot comment on shared items. You can only view them. In this aspect this site is way behind facebook. In fact, facebook is multipurpose and multi dimensional site which has something for everybody. You cannot fault the effort that facebook team put in to provide the best service possible to the users. Continue reading