About college

V.E.S.I.T (Vivekanand Education Soc. Institute of Technology)

Mona Lisa

An extremely dynamic place… where lots of things are created…right from friendships, to robots… where lots of things are always happening… right from constructive technical and cultural activities to hoax bomb scares (gathering everyone on ground which is too small for whole college mob.)… and where lots of things are also destroyed… right from basic concepts to window panes 😉 during Intra college events.

Here is another dimension to the dynamicity of the institution… this is the place to discuss the various issues we (the students, alumni and all well wishers of V.E.S.I.T) have been discussing and which we haven’t been discussing. This is the place to know ur friends better than u otherwise could.

Ours is a comparatively small college, and I think such a forum can go a long way, helping us to achieve our goal of knowing each other, helping each other, and working for the benefit of our student fraternity.

The main aim is to live student life to the fullest and Enjoyable!!!

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