Completed my Masters in Marketing Management after an Engineering degree in Information Technology. Influenced with Media Sector and after experiencing the same for a year enjoying the same till now.

Very much fortunate to live life with my friends in the face of Fortune4 Technologies. A dream that we dreamt together and enjoying it thoroughly.

Work and Education

Having detailed hands on experience in the area of Information Technology, Project Management, New Product Development, Business Design, Digital Marketing, Client Management and Corporate Branding.

With Strong presentational, analytical skills and self learning ability, can lead teams with diverse skill sets.

  1. B. E. in Information Tech.Class of 2006 · VESIT, Mumbai University
  2. Fortune4 TechnologiesFounder and CCO · 2007 to present
  3. M.M.S. in Marketing Mgmt.Class of 2010 · BGIMS, Mumbai University
  4. Digital IndiansFounder and CCO · 2013 to present

Technical Experience

Being a part of various ATL and BTL activities, I need to guide my team and keep them updated through various technical challenges. With specialization in HTML/CSS, Photoshop it would become handy to clear doubts of my team members.

Jquery & JavaScript

Something Personal

Apart from being technical person I enjoy my life to an extreme,
I love to spend time with my parents and my wife having long chats with them.
I like reading books on inspiration, science, fiction.
I love to drive my Car.
I enjoy Italian, Punjabi food to the fullest.
I love listening to slow and soothing music. Play Computer games.
I simply cant live without Cricket and Web.