Basic information about joomla

Joomla is the most powerful, preferred and advance web application framework; also open source content management systems available today for website development. Whether looking for simple or complex website design, you cannot escape; Joomla is always on the list to offer you cheap, manageable, affordable, unique, reliable and scalable web site development solutions. The interface is user friendly and easy to manage. Its versatility includes reduced code complexity, simple installation, easy management, and reliability and quality solutions.

Joomla starts with its easy installation, after installation the Joomla provides secure login to the administrator. Administrator can login to the backend console and can well categorize its content. Admin can set sections, polls, content items and many more. Administrator can manage the complete front also. It is easy to use so technical and non-technical person both can use it, also this reduces the need of expert professional. It is really simple to create, add, edit and delete. The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor allows to add new content without the knowledge of HTML, and all the changes you make is modified instantly.

Joomla is free open source CMS released under General Public License (GNU), it is based on PHP language and uses MySQL database for content. Main features of Joomla are web indexing, RSS feeds, blogs, calendars, multi-language, forums, page caching. Content are fully manageable, you can add new content, edit the existing content. Admin and other users can be added and accordingly assigned access permissions. The layout offered by Joomla is customizable. Images can be uploaded from anywhere to add in your image library to incorporate in the website. Dynamic sections can also be added that will provide real time value and updates on your website (e.g. polls, calendar, vote). Now comes it runs on Linux, Mac, Solaris, FreeBSD and AIX servers.

Most advance features include: You will find random newsflash generator for your website. You can assign hierarchy and also set it as per your requirement (sections, departments, divisions, pages). There is option to change the order of objects like FAQs, articles, etc. Your image library can be available online for your use. If you find to find, search or locate a page or component and link it to other page automatic path finder is used. Online feed manager provides more than 300 feeds to choose from. Archive manager helps to store your old files. Email and print are other features available for sending links and other files. Make money using advert manager feature that lets you use third party banner on your site.

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