Blue Sky theme ajaxified

Today i am releasing one of my favorite themes design for download.Theme name is Blue Sky.This theme is also available in normal and ajax format.

For time being i am not releasing normal format theme.I will release it on demand from my readers.

This theme is having a beautiful header image makes it very beautiful for all the websites.Here are the specifications of the theme.


1. Widget Ready
2. 3 Column Footer
3. Special Styling for Admin Comments.

Plugin required:

1. Widgets plugin

The normal version demo can be found here

Demo : Click here

The AJAX version demo can be found here

Demo : Click here

Download : Blue Sky (ajax) (1147)

  1. hi i have checked it in WP 2.2 mate its working fine in WP 2.2 and IE 7 at my place please send me screenshot if possible so that i can remove the problem.

  2. I havent checked the problem yet let me check and if it is there i will solve it soon.

    Thanks a lot for informing me about it 🙂

    I am checking it on IE7 but on WordPress 2.1 I think this is the problem i havent checkd themes on WP 2.2 yet let me check it and i will solve it accordingly

  3. I get an error in IE7 whenever I navigate to your pages, including your demo pages (Line 3, “Expected ‘;'”, Line 264, “Object expected”). Have you seen this? I’ve had some trouble using your themes as well (WordPress 2.2.3, PHP 5.2.4, Windows Server 2003). I really like what you’ve done but I can’t use them as they are now. I can give you more info if you’d like to track down the problems.


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