Sachin tendulkar – The absolute god of cricket

Today, 24th February had been a greatest day in Indian Cricket industry. We had witnessed a huge record breaking performances.Runs were falling like heavy rains. But above all the miracles it was the Innings played by our very own Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar 200 (not out). No body could ever imagine to touch that score in One day matches. It is like making an entire teams score by an single player.

I was not aware of the match being played today, came to know about it when i reached college by mistake. And as Sachin reached 180 mark it began to heating up in the class. Our favorite professor Mr. Kutty sir was teaching us something on which nobody was paying attention.

As he crossed 184 his own record we celebrated on small voice. Next was Saeed Anwars 194 and when cross that mark too, It had really heated up and entire class was fired up. One of our Friend Mr. Pinkel Mistry was telling sir about match updates to sir and even professor was enjoying with us by showing us some of the arial shots that he must have been played during his child hood.

After 194 it was feeling like taking ages to complete that mark of 200 we were eagerly waiting for and praying for. In the next end Indian Skipper Mr. M.S. Dhoni was hitting the ball all around the ground for boundaries and sixes but we were not enjoying that “Upar se cursing him that ki sala Sachin ko strike nahi de raha!!!!” And finally it was last over and when sachin came on strike for 199 4 balls were remaining and everyone struck up for a moment and the moment he scored that 200th run. All started screaming nobody was even felt that we were in college and it can be a troublesome matter.

That is the way we enjoy cricket and abhi to ye apne “Tendlya” ki baat thi yar. He made each and every indian proud by standing first in international cricket and preaching to a mark to which no one can ever dream to reach.

God Bless the God!!! We will always remember you for all the treats you have given you for each and every Indian all world wide!!!

Counter strike Guns collection part – I

Hi guys, SamuRai is back onto his land the game is Counter strike. What to tell about this game one who plays this game ask them about addiction of this game.You feel to war field around you and if you don’t then you are real noobie in this game and gotta learn some tactics and need to practice a lot too.

I am presenting the real pictures of guns those are used as weapons in the game. Some of you might be thinking that the guns those are used in game are graphically made but the answer is NO. The exist in reality.Here i am starting with series of counter strike guns pictures.So Enjoy or go to ………………..!!!

Counter strike-The unevitable game

Even though people have been playing cs for years,I still feel that cs is something that people cannot miss if they have a laptop or a PC.No doubt,this is a wonderful game to play especially when you are playing LAN with your friends.

Actually do you know that there is a different feeling when you play as terrorist and counter-terrorist?

Thats what I am going to explain to you.When you play as a terrorist,you will tend to shout more and make a lot of uninvited noise.Thats what you will hear from a terrorist.On the other hand,counter-terrorist will be more quiet and only celebrate at certain time.For example when they save hostage,they will shout “YAAHOOOO”.Practically that’s the only time they will shout. Continue reading