Counter strike Guns collection part – I

Hi guys, SamuRai is back onto his land the game is Counter strike. What to tell about this game one who plays this game ask them about addiction of this game.You feel to war field around you and if you don’t then you are real noobie in this game and gotta learn some tactics and need to practice a lot too.

I am presenting the real pictures of guns those are used as weapons in the game. Some of you might be thinking that the guns those are used in game are graphically made but the answer is NO. The exist in reality.Here i am starting with series of counter strike guns pictures.So Enjoy or go to ………………..!!!

Counter strike-The unevitable game

Even though people have been playing cs for years,I still feel that cs is something that people cannot miss if they have a laptop or a PC.No doubt,this is a wonderful game to play especially when you are playing LAN with your friends.

Actually do you know that there is a different feeling when you play as terrorist and counter-terrorist?

Thats what I am going to explain to you.When you play as a terrorist,you will tend to shout more and make a lot of uninvited noise.Thats what you will hear from a terrorist.On the other hand,counter-terrorist will be more quiet and only celebrate at certain time.For example when they save hostage,they will shout “YAAHOOOO”.Practically that’s the only time they will shout. Continue reading