First Mobile application using Apache Cordova / PhoneGap – Beginner

Phonegap/Cordova is a well known tool for developing mobile applications helping web developers entering into mobile world with their existing skills of HTML5 and CSS3.

Today we will address most critical point for developers who do not know how to start with these tools. I will be making it more self explanatory by adding screenshots for each step alongside.

To understand this tutorial correctly you must be knowing following,

Let us dive in then,
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Ways to please your visitor

1: Browser/platform compatibility

Your visitor expects your site to work in their browser/platform at all times.

Solution – provide a site that works in all modern browsers and platforms.

Benefits – He or she can now wait for your site to load knowing that – at the least, they can access it. (First base is a major step!)

2: Load time

Your visitor is very very impatient and has the attention span of a 15 year old grey haired dog with arthritis in it’s knees and a bowl with no dog food in it.

Solution – provide him/her with a super quick loading web site.

Benefits – He or she will be so pleased they may just look further into your web site and see if it holds them to interest.

3: Design

Your visitor is very critical and expects a professional design at least for their time.

Solution – provide him or her with a very nice, clean and professional layout.

Benefits – He or she will be impressed and may decide to venture even further.

4: Navigation

Your visitor is on the prowl and wants to find what they are looking for yesterday.

Solution – provide him or her with a navigation system that enables a quick and an effective route to what they are looking for.

Benefits – He or she will be very pleased they may spend some time on your site discovering if what they found is of value to them.

5: Content

Your visitor demands the very best – best being 22 carrot gold not that awful gold plated rubbish.

Solution -provide him or her with up to the date content that is easy to understand, writing and produced well and to the point.

Benefits – He or she will be very pleased they may even bookmark your site for future reference.

Access + quick loading + professional design + excellent navigation + great content = a very competent web site that should serve the purpose of both yourself and more importantly your visitors.

In these days and age people are demanding more from a web site and so they should. There is no excuses any more. We have all the tools available to build competent web sites to a professional standard. We don’t have to be a pro we just need tounderstand the visitor more – and boy are they/we demanding.

Website templates : are they beneficial?

Website Templates are the best option to save money with good professional website design look for the people who do not have a large budget to devote. Web Templates are pre-designed raw material which are furnished / edit on the online for content insertion, graphic insertion/ modification, inserting company logo, changing styles, changing links, changing flash images etc. Website is becoming more popular and must for today’s small business including small firms. Website plays a major role in this world, without a website no one can get world wide business lead. It carries all the information and messages to world wide for business. Website shows your business image and personality by visiting and looking at the website customer can take up a decision for proceeding further to work with the company to extend the relationship.
How ever owning a good website is most difficult part because it is not so easy and cheap. To get good creative website it is more important to hire a good web designing company or else hiring a good professional website designer job. But in the initially stage of new business there is no huge budget in this case you have good option of selecting good website template. Web site templates are already setup with html coding for getting good design an effective website with a limited time and money.
Website templates come in different varieties of color schemes and designs. They affiliate marketers who have experience in HTML can create website with a great starting point and can redesign the look of the website without going through all the start-up work. Many of them think over web page layout with some basic rules like navigation sections and links which make the website easier to the visitor to use.
Website templates are very user- friendly and work so well for affiliate marketing and advertising.
There are certain benefits and draw backs before considering the website templates:-
- Spend time in choosing and download the best to server best from the free.
- Hiring a professional for minor changes of the whole website will be cheaper.
- Consistent of color and theme
- Search free templates which does not require any link: designed by” for looking website in good professional way.
- Faster in building up website and uploading will give you good visitors and business leads.
- It allows you to change codes and edit, also you can create a new links and more information.
- It does not require any programming language all you need to have is software which allows you to change images, codes and arranging links.
- Saves a lot of time and work.

Website Conceptualization

Every business these days wants to have a presence on WWW; the main objective is to be able to target the global market and creating a profile of the company, which can be accessed by anyone from anywhere! This is opened many opportunities for the business involved in designing & development of websites, and depending upon the size of the business processes and approach for deploying a web based application changes. Which is very fair because everyone has his/her style of working and making deliverables, if the process & approach does not include all the basic steps of a software development life cycle it leads to the problems like – deadlines are not met and the scope of the work changes as the work progresses.

The clients might not be tech & internet savvy so they are not able to visualize how their site will look like and when they get the first demo of the application that is being developed for them it acts as the food for thought. They then try to relate it with what they are looking at and there business model. As a result they expect some changes to be done to the features or the style in which the information is being displayed on the website. Which results into requirement of additional time and effort for accommodating such things, and leads to the above mentioned problems.

There is a believe that anyone can start delivering web based services and can keep the cost low by not hiring people who actually are skilled to accomplish this task. The thought originates a company with the problems of delivering work which is not quality and ending up with unhappy customers.

Why this happens?

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Difference between Web designer and Web developer

This is what most people are usually thinking of when they talk about web careers. The web publishing group is responsible for creating, posting, changing and maintaining the web pages on a web site. Although there can be many different positions within a web publishing group, the most common is web developer. Many tasks are often associated with the role of web developer. Programmers, graphic artists and site designers all can fall under this catchall title. But generally, the responsibilities are split between the artistic endeavors and the programming tasks. Therefore, we will concentrate mainly on two common careers: web developer (programmer) and web designer (site designer). However, depending on the size of the company and the web development group, these roles can often both be assigned to the same individual.

Web Developer (Programmer)

After the content is created, someone has to take it and format it into web pages. This is the responsibility of the web developer. Using a blend of programming, artistic and business skills, the developer weaves the content into an engaging format to keep folks riveted to the web site. In addition, developers are also involved in overall site design (in conjunction with the web designers) and usability testing. Interaction with network administrators and database administrators is also frequently required.

The main task of the developer is to generate code for web pages. This usually involves the use of a web development tool such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage, GoLive or Visual Interdev. In addition, good web developers are also expected to be familiar with graphic editing packages (such as Adobe Photoshop) since making changes to the formats of graphics is a common task when developing web pages. Therefore, make sure you have training in at least one of these packages (preferably two) prior to applying for a web development job.

Web Designers (Site Designer)

Site designers and web developer roles can be very similar depending upon the organization. However, web designers usually have a more artistic background and training in interface design (as opposed to developers who have more training in programming). The site designer’s main function is to develop an effective interface between the customer, company management and the web development team.

The designer must ensure that the site design helps management effectively communicate its message to the customer while still maintaining customer functionality of the site. This delicate juggling act is more art than science. Often site designers end up being the project managers for the web site since they tend to interface with all groups responsible for development and maintenance of the web site. Therefore, strong communication skills are a requirement of this job.

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