Counter strike-The unevitable game

Even though people have been playing cs for years,I still feel that cs is something that people cannot miss if they have a laptop or a PC.No doubt,this is a wonderful game to play especially when you are playing LAN with your friends.

Actually do you know that there is a different feeling when you play as terrorist and counter-terrorist?

Thats what I am going to explain to you.When you play as a terrorist,you will tend to shout more and make a lot of uninvited noise.Thats what you will hear from a terrorist.On the other hand,counter-terrorist will be more quiet and only celebrate at certain time.For example when they save hostage,they will shout “YAAHOOOO”.Practically that’s the only time they will shout.

Counter Terr or Terror?

As the image shows,terrorist is always the violent one,as the “title” states.You can see that the terrorist is actually throwing a grenade toward the CT.All that the CT can do is shield it with the helpless tactical shield.Not to say that CT are cowards ,they move with planning and intelligence.For this CT over here,he just made the wrong move!By the way ,if you are wondering this map is called “rats”

That weapon there is really devastating ,you can actually kill 8 people without reloading!The price of it is great too.But don’t bother with the price,once you buy it,you will certainly be satisfied.

Action Time!!

CT and Terror in action.This is a screen shot of where both teams are fighting for their lives.Just to guide you,if you are a first timer,then you should try being a Terrorist first.You have to let go your feelings man.Just those CT and burst their heads off.Get the feel of killing people.Just play without planning and satisfy yourself.Learn how to aim and learn the movement of the CT.

Only then,you can learn to be a CT.The best way is to move in groups,so that you get cover.If you don’t you will end up like the picture below!Don’t ever think that you can finish of a team on your own.Remember ,you are aiming at one person ,but 5 person may be aiming back at you.So don’t take the chances.See the picture below to get a better understanding.

Head shot!

This is the best part of playing Cs.You will feel really satisfied if you get to shot a persons head.Especially when you are sniping him.the sound of the magnum just give you the urge to shoot more heads.From this picture,you can see that this guy is aiming directly at the CTs head.Don’t ever hold this position too long or you will just miss this golden opportunity.Even though he is hiding behind the flakes box,you just need to find the perfect angle to snipe him.For this map,the best place to snipe is on top of the refrigerator.


As the word say,bots are really stupid,something that is programmed to kill you.They can be defeated easily and it only take time till you know their moves.The thing that the bots are good at is to camp and rot to death!

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  3. lol…nice story.

    But you really should try the “new” counterstrike:source! It’s awesome 🙂

    But I’ve stopped playing cs lately when I found out that battlefield2 and battlefield 2142 is a lot more teamplay.



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