Designing website layout?

Designing website does not mean that you should know how to operate PhotoShop or tools like that. It’s more of visualizing the business model, understanding the target market and then relating both of them to envisage theme and then bring it on the canvas. Many times it happens that people start designing a website by just knowing the nature of application to be deployed. For example a garment store looking for an online presence for its business, most of the people will think it like a regular e-commerce store selling garments. With this approach yes for sure a design can be done but will it really attract the customers, maybe and maybe not. The chances of customers not liking it will be more as it’s not designed from the perspective of targeted market rather it is designed from the perspective of an online store. The features and functionality will for sure offer its customers the ease of shopping online, but they will never reach that stage of placing the order as the interface and design of the site is not to cater to there taste. Thus the effort goes waste.

You may use any software for designing a website, but the basis of how the website should look like should depend on: –

– Nature of the business
– Who are the target customers/users
– What targeted market will like
– Why they will stick to the website and revisit
– Opting the color schema to match with the liking of target audience

Apart from look ‘n’ feel of website the user interface also has to be easy to use and should be designed considering the following factors: –

– How internet savvy the users will be
– Steps user will have to follow to perform an activity on the website should include least possible inputs
– Navigation from one section to another should be thru minimal clicks
– If a series of inputs are required from the user, it should work like a wizard to offer support to the user entering these inputs.

To conclude, I would say using design tools maybe easy but it’s not simple to visualize how the site should look like, thus conceptualizing and visualizing is the key for delivering a design appropriate for a website. The question may come how can this be done, the answer is: –

– Understand the requirement
– Get an idea of business model your client follows
– Know the target audience
– Understand mentality of target audience
– Think and discuss about likings and disliking of the targeted audience
– Create wire-frames to figure out components that each page will have
– Blend creativity, liking of the audience and components to be placed and create the look ‘n’ feel of the web page
– Take layman’s comments on it and do improvements if any.

In-fact if two or three designers work on the same design, everyone will come up with there own creativity and the finally the three designs can be used to make one, which will be unique and creative.

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