Eternal Way Of Life

Come December and the floodgates open The tide of memories sweeps me along When not so long ago, a dream came true Life was so perfect, a beautiful song.

An Angel appeared in the guise of my son A divine birthday gift from the Lord One day after Christmas I had been born History repeated itself by the Grace of God.

Many a time I had chided my Mother Why was I not born, a day before As the whole world would have celebrated my birthday With pomp and splendour and festivities galore.

The wheel of time churned and now it was my mother’s turn To gently rebuke me for this delay ‘You missed the great day, just like me We are but puppets, in God’s great life-play…’

God gives and then just takes away Some buds bloom, some fade away It takes a second to change your life Who can understand destiny’s charade.

A thought escapes from my memory bank And often fills my eyes with tears Remembering my son’s price-less words Who was wise beyond his toddler years.

Lying frail and weak on a hospital bed With depressing scenes all around We cuddled and huddled many a time With pure, deep love, abundant, abound.

I bore it all with deep faith That God will find a way out So I taught my loyal two-year-old To fold his hands and pray.

Prayer is a boon for the human race A soothing balm for the tortured soul Its roots are deep in the innermost self Prayer blends an individual, into a complete whole.

There are no rites and rituals in true prayer The connection is from deep within God is moved by noble thoughts And presence of faith-deep, calm and serene.

A prayer is not always answered or granted For God’s wisdom is beyond our realm The silver lining around the dark cloud Is often not, by the human eye seen.

The prayer that arose from my anguished heart A plea to save my son’s last breath Was lost in the winds of destiny’s plan And collapsed in the deadly face of death.

In my Dream, God was The Holy Mother Basking in a halo of Divine Love And holding her hand was my precious son Smiling, assuring me, All was well.

The tears stopped, my strength returned Each day brings me closer to God I’m grateful for all the blessings I have The journey of life goes on and on.

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