Forget Adsense for a While and Concentrate on Content and Traffic Building

One of the things I have noticed in the past two years is how most Webmasters are obsessed with their Adsense Earnings or quick monetization techniques. I can see so many postings in other forum regarding how can I earn $20 or $100 a day, my Google and Alexa ranking is dropping and it sucks. But nobody is asking or working on sites which are build to entertain people and in the course earn money for the Webmasters themselves. When I built, it was not in my intention to monetize the site. My intention was to put stuff on the site that I’m passionate with. It took three years to get sufficient and consistent traffic. Then I decided its about time to monetize the website to pay for the cost of the web hosting.

You can earn from Adsene when people click on your ads, which means they have to leave the site. So to earn real good from Adsense your site needs to be boring and dead, unoriginal, MFA or a splog. Or in short your site should suck big time. But think for a moment… We are living in a great digital age, where new media is giving the old media run for their money. The big portals with niche are still in. We all are experts in our own fields. If we can’t monetize our expertize in this time, I doubt there would be any better time. So my suggestion is to build sites of your interests. Forget link building, directory submissions, gaming Digg and other Digg clones. Just write about what you are passionate about. Choose anything. And trust me it will take time, but you will get plenty of traffic, many more ways to monetize it, and something to show off to your friends, collegue, schoolmates and parents.

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