Friend or lover dosent matter!!!

My feelings for you I’ve tried to share
But sometimes you made me feel like you didn’t care

The things I would like to do for you,
Wishing you would understand how much I care.
It’s so hard for me to tell you
I think I Love You and will always be there.

What I’m saying to you is true;
There is no one else but you.
It makes me so happy to be with you;
Sometimes I feel like acting the fool.

The words you told me made me cry;
The pain I feel I won’t deny.
But I want to try to work things out;
These words are true, without a doubt.

If you could tell me you feel the same way, too,
To be able to work things out and start brand new,
I guarantee you won’t have any regret
Because me by your side will be your best bet.

Just remember that I’ll be there till the end
Either as your lover, or as your best friend!!

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