Gtalk in Firefox sidebar

Google has released a new gadget called Google talk gadget which is more usable than the stand-alone GTalk desktop client or the floating AJAX version in GMail. Its better because here chat windows don’t open as popups like it happen in Gmail.Instead chat windows open in tabs as in Firefox.For webmasters they can even integrate this gadget in their webpages as I had done here.The script for integrating gtalk in webpage can be found here.If you don’t like to see the same webpage all the time,you have a alternate option of loading gtalk in your Firefox sidebar.Just follow the following steps.

1. To add Google Talk to your Firefox sidebar, bookmark the following URL (right-click and choose Bookmark this link or press ctrl + D)
2. Now goto Bookmarks menu, navigate to the above bookmark, right click and choose Properties. Tick the checkbox that says Load this bookmark in the sidebar as shown in the figure below.

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