How do i?

How do I tell her I love her
without saying the words
or writing them down

How do I stop from crying
without wiping the tears away
or letting her do it

How do I show her I care
without holding her close
or even crying when she’s mad

How do I keep a fake smile going
without thinking about her
or what we used to be

How do I pretend everything’s alright
when she left and didn’t look at me
or even tell me why

How do I breathe
without her body to keep me warm
or her arms to make me feel safe

How do I live
when her love is no longer mine
or she just doesn’t care anymore
How do I show her I still want her back and always will?

I can’t.

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  1. 😥 This is beautiful and very touching. My boyfriend just left me but he states he cares. However, he is influence by his friend…two years.


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