Miss you a lot

When i was there evrything was soo perfect
But after i left you everything changed
I couldnt love anyone else after that week with you

So why cant you just be here with me
I really miss you alot
I cant even find a word for how much you mean to me
I didnt think i would love you this much
And im really sorry for that
I know that you dont wanna hear that from me
Because nothing can happend between us
But i cant help it
I cant get you out of my head
It hurts alot to know that your not here with me all the time

Now when i know what you feel for me i dont know what to do
I really wanna be with you
I wish you were here
I wanna wake up every day knowing that you love me as much as i love you

I told you that i didnt cry over boys
But when i think about how much i miss you
Its hard to not cry
You have no idea how much it hurts to not be with you
It hurts too much
I dont wanna live with this pain
The only thing that would heal me is to be with you one more time
But that wont happend for a long time
And i dont know how much more of this i can take

So… i just want you to know that i love you
And that whatever happends between us.. youll always be in my heart and
There will always be a place for you in my life
Miss you alot

  1. A Short Love Story……Read This
    ´♥` There was a Blind Gurl
    ´♥` WhO Hate Herself
    ´♥` cOz Of being Blind.
    ´♥` She Hate every1
    ´♥` Except her Boy friend..
    ´♥` 1 day de Gurl said
    ´♥` that if She can
    ´♥` Only c the wOrld
    ´♥` she will marry her bOyfriend,
    ´♥` One day sOme1
    ´♥` dOnated eyes On her
    ´♥` & then she saw Every thing
    ´♥`including her bOyfriend ,
    ´♥` her bOyfriend ask her,
    ´♥` “nOw that u can c ,
    ´♥` will u Marry Me?”,
    ´♥` the girl was shOcked when
    ´♥` she saw her bOyfriend
    ´♥` is alsO Blind,
    ´♥` & she refuse tO Marry him.
    ´♥` Her bOyfriend walk away
    ´♥` with Tears & said,
    ´♥` ” just take care Of
    ´♥` my eyes dear ”

    this is another one

    for u

  2. Their were 2 people who loved each other dearly…….

    they were just crazy 4 each other n were in luv passionately……they alwayz wanted 2 stay together wid each other…..one day d guy proposed d gal 4marriage.d gal gav him a chalenge 2 live a day widout him then only she wld marry him.d guy accepted d challenged n next day went d 2gals home very xcited,happy n eager holding a ring.hewas shocked 2knw tat d gal was dead.wat he knew was d gal was seriously ill n had only a day left.the gal left a letter 4him saying:”U DID IT ONCE N U CAN DO IT EVERYDAY…MY LUV..I LUV U!!!”

    This is the top story


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