My One True Love

As I awaken, each and every day,
Thoughts of love turn to you.
An unbreakable bond between us two,
A special love ever so true..
The warm glow in your eyes,
The sweet smile on your face;
Makes me want to hold you,
Forever in love’s tender embrace.

The gentleness of your touch,
The sweet passion of your kiss.
Just a couple of many pleasures,
I longingly so miss..
The sound of your voice,
Is like a song in my heart.
Always bringing me happiness,
As it has done from our start..

We’ve shared many joys ,
And and also felt some sorrows.
Yet our future is filled ,
Of wonderful tomorrows.
So until that bright day,
Far away such as it seems.
You shall always be my one true Love….
The woman of my dreams.

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