Rule Of Friendship

You can’t change anybody
You can’t change the way they are
You simply have to accept it
Whether its good or bad

The rule of friendship lies in respect
As well as loyalty
Though he’s not good as you thought
He’s still the friend you respect the most

We can’t chose someone to be
there for us
We simply have to wait for them
That’s somehow someone will
understand us
And accept us as we are

Friendship is the nicest thing God
create for us
It doesn’t cost a cent
But somehow means a lot for us
To be able to live pleasantly

Friends are siblings that God never
gave us
But still they are always there for us
To add happiness in our lives
And peace of mind

Can we be able to befriend with
someone who doesn’t care for us?
Of course we can’t
They are maybe few in this world
But they should be true

The rule of friendship
Must be hand in hand
for it might be too late
When we realize that we meet
false friends…..

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