Running From Life

I’ve tried to get away from life,
Tried to get away from me,
For a while I was successful,
But it cost tremendously.

It seems easier just to run away,
From problems than to deal,
With pain that life’s events inflict,
Emotions I don’t want to feel.

I guess I never realized,
The pain never went away,
Instead it grew stronger and festered,
Getting worse with every day.

Until the day I gave it up,
Then learned the need to cope,
Without escaping reality,
By numbing my pain with dope.

And yeah sometimes it really sucks,
To deal with all this shit,
Instead of stuffing it away,
Postponing feelings with a hit.

But then sometimes it’s really great,
To actually feel alive,
Despair is being replaced with hope,
And I have goals for which to strive.

The past few years were pretty rough,
I really got myself off track,
And oddly enough I’m grateful,
And I wouldn’t take it back.

Every experience that I have faced,
Is what has made me into me,
And with time I’ve begun to realize,
That I’m not such a bad person to be.

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