Simple and fastest ways to gain good search engine rankings

Page rank is important for bloggers and/or site owners because the larger the page rank, the more visible your site will be in search engines – which means a lot more visitors. There are various ways of promoting your site and increase your page rank, but some require paying for it. Here are a few simple steps you can take to improve your page rank without paying anything.

1. Linking is the best and probably the fastest way to improve your page rank. The focus here is to get a link back with sites, preferably ones with higher page ranks. There are many sites that offer link backs, but it’ll usually take longer to insert your link on their sites. But if you can pay someone to get a link back from a higher page rank site, you’ll probably be approved within a week.

2. Submit to directories. Submit to as many directories as you possibly can – that are free. Most free directories only require you to link back to theirs, even if they don’t, it’s recommended to do so anyways. That way if the approvers manually check sites, more often than not, you’ll get approved quicker with a link back.

3. Update your blog everyday y adding UNIQUE content. If your site has good content, more than likely you’ll attract a large audience. And the more unique the content is (and not seen on thousands of sites already) the better your chances are to separate yourself from thousands.

4. Provide inside linking within your blog. You want to have interesting reads for people to easily see and click on. The focus is to keep your visitors on your site as long as you can and have them click on lots of posts.

5. The most important tip – Trade links with other bloggers. This is fast and easy. You offer to put their link on your blog and vice versa. This is free and the fastest way to improve your visibility in search engines.

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