Simple Digital Clock using flash

It is very simple to build a digital clock. All you need to do is follow the steps given below.


Insert 3 layers in your time line window and name them, “background“, “text” and “actions“. Similar to the one shown below

  1. Select Frame1 of background layer, Design the framework for your digital clock.
  2. Select frame2 and press F5
  3. Now go to Frame1 of your text layer and insert Dynamic text field in your work area. Select frame2 and press F5To insert a Dynamic text field– Select text tool from your tool box,
    Select Dynamic text from Text pop-up menu in the Property inspector.
    Click on your work area wherever you want the digital clock to appear.
  4. Name this Dynamic text field instance as “clock_txt
  5. Go to frame1 of actions layer. Copy and paste the below mentioned script in the action.
  6. time=new Date(); // time object
    var seconds = time.getSeconds()
    var minutes = time.getMinutes()
    var hours = time.getHours()
    if (hours<12) {
    ampm = “AM”;
    ampm = “PM”;
    while(hours >12){
    hours = hours – 12;
    hours = “0” + hours;
    minutes = “0” + minutes;
    seconds = “0” + seconds;
    clock_txt.text = hours + “:” + minutes + “:” + seconds +” “+ ampm;

  7. Now go to frame2 of actions layer and press F6 to insert a new keyframe.
    Still keeping the play head on the frame2, go to action panel and copy paste the below mentioned script.
  8. gotoAndPlay(1);

Download : Digital Clock (474)

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