Do not use flash in web pages

I am a person who hates to keep flash in a web page as it reduces the website loading speed drastically.Hence i am writting some of the resons for not including flash in your web pages.Please do have consideration on them and decide yourself.

  1. You can’t use the browser’s Find command to find a word on a Flash page.
  2. You can’t cut-and-paste text from a Flash page.
  3. You can’t use the browser’s “back” button to go back in a Flash file.
  4. To create a Flash website, you need to buy the $500 Flash application from Macromedia; to create an HTML website, you can do so with any free text editor.
  5. It tempts designers to prioritize using Flash over making an easy-to-use and useful website. In the hands of 95% of designers, Flash is used to create websites that would have been better made as HTML.

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