Say no to flash

When Flash came along…

FlashMillions and millions of years ago, man created an invisible entity, a power to which the world would kneel down and worship and would change the lives of everyone forever. Some called it the ‘World Wide Web’, but by some it was known only as ‘The Internet’.

In it’s early days of life, the Internet was slow and ugly and rarely reared it’s head in public. But over time it began to grow and flourish. It adopted HTML to promote it’s power and ideas, picked up CSS to fashion it’s wardrobe and used directories and Search Engines for PR. Soon, the Internet had a whole team behind it – a list of acronyms only a madman could contemplate.

But something was missing. There was no movie producer, no director to push the Internet to the big screen. Until Flash came along. Hailed as the saviour, the messiah – the chosen one!

Right I’m going to cut the insane metaphor here. Flash was not a saviour – it simply opened doors, many of which shouldn’t have been opened. It made bad websites worse, and generally made good websites… different.

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