To you, my love, these flowers l send,
each one nurtured in my heart for you, my friend.
The day we met the seeds were sown,
now look how beautiful they have grown.

Where once there was a lonely barren field,
a treasure trove of beauty our love did yield.
With your every kind word and loving deed, my friend,
to their hungry growth and beauty you did tend.

So let me send them now to you too, to enjoy
and let us promise never let such beauty die.
Our love and friendship has endured the test of time
and moulded itself into a symphony of poetic rhyme.

Hoping You Know

Loving you more
than words could ever say
bad choices that were made
believe me I have paid.

Giving you a life
then running far away
sorry doesn’t seem enough
I’m human and make mistakes.

Hoping you never hate me
knowing you’re hurt and mad
it’s better this way for now
although I feel really, really bad.

Just remember one thing’s for sure
deep down in moms broken heart
my love for you is deep and strong
no matter the miles apart.