Domain names tutorial for newbies

It’s been two years since I have started my business. I am very much satisfied with my old web host.But now i have to change the hosting services to diffrent host provider.Because of crash on my old server.I have lost much of my data in that crash.So i have decided to write this article which is going to touch on one of those areas: various concerns related with domain names.This information will help the newcomers to learn much about domains and hosting related to those domains. What is multiple domain hosting?
Many times you will see that a web host offers multiple domain hosting. In simpler words it means that on buying an account you will have the ability to get multiple websites. For instance, if the plan provides you with five domain names, you can use one domain for your website and you will still have four domain names leftover to use. The advantage of this scenario is that you can resell these four domain names to your clients.

What is Domain Parking?
If you are planning to build up a website and have decided on a name for it you then must purchase that domain name from a domain registrar: i.e. your domain name gets placed on a name server so that you can use it later on. This is known as domain parking. Even if your website content is not ready, it’s better to park your desired domain name. Otherwise, it might be possible that in future somebody else acquires that particular domain name.

What are sub domains?
Sub domains are ‘third level’ domains in the sense that they are used solely to organize your website content. They are simply folders under your root directory, but to access them a special URL is used.
For instance, is a regular URL without a sub domain. is an URL with the sub domain name: “demo”.
Here the:
.com: is the first level domain,demo: is the second level domain,
demo: is the third level domain

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