Drop down menu behind flash


One of the more common issues with embedding a flash object on your home page (or any page for that matter) is that if it is near the navigation and you have CSS drop-down menus, then you may find your drop-down menu getting lost behind the flash object. If you haven’t dealt with this before it can feel like a nightmare, but fortunately it’s a pretty easy fix.

The Problem: You have a CSS based drop-down menu in your navigation and a flash element near it the menus may get “hidden” behind the flash object.

The Solution: Set the z-index of the div holding the flash to 1 and the z-index of the div holding the nav to 2.

In the flash element:

Look for the flash <object> tag and add the following code:

<param name=”wmode” value=”transparent”>

You’ll want to insert this code right below the <param name=”quality” value=”high”> tag and include the code wmode=”transparent” in the flash <embed> tag .

Web Design Strategy with Search engine marketing

The phrase “web design strategy means a range of different things to different people, and involves more than merely “design decisions. The term seems to imply that the issue is about color, page layout and the use of Flash animations. Yes, these factors are part of the big picture, but the “bigger picture is about the overall design of your website, meaning its entire “architecture.

You need to find out how your site’s overall “information architecture affects its visibility to search engines. The truth is, specific web page elements like your navigation scheme and technologies like CSS (Cascading Style Scripts) or JavaScript can either interfere with or aid a search engine’s ability to “spider and rate your site. Sometimes an element can do both, at the same time!

The whole topic of a “site architecture or web design strategy that supports Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has really been quite poorly addressed. Many companies that do SEM consulting have less than state-of-the-art knowledge of how information architecture and design strategy affect a site’s usability and organic rankings. If your consultant, or your own research, is focusing only on search advertising, media buys and bidding processes, you are not getting the whole picture.

A top position in the Google results is useless if site visitors aren’t being converted into buyers. A successful site architecture and site design strategy will address the needs of both the search engines and your visitors/customers.
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Emotions involved in Web Designing Colors

Color Theme on your website design template is very important to realize that different colors invoke different emotions, are associated with specific concepts and say different things in each society. The colors you choose will have a direct effect on how the public perceives your web company. Technology allows us to create color combinations.

Here are some of color according from Human Body Chakra’s :

Sense of power, excitement and energy, Money, strength, action

Love, passion, sexuality, Ideas, Imaginations, Currier, friendliness, and energy

Love, Peaceful, happy, feminine, compassion, sweet, playful

Prosperity, Caution, brightness, intelligence, joy, organization, Spring time

Health, nature, comfort, growth, freshness, sharing and responsiveness

Knowledge, Scientist, Understanding, cooperation, protection and security

Spiritualism, Royalty, sophistication, religion

Super power, Elegant , Dramatic, classy, committed, serious

Pure, fresh, easy, cleanliness or goodness

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