Webmaster Tasks and Responsibilities

The Webmaster or Web Manager is a strange and varied beast, something of a jack-of-all-trades. The role demands an attitude that supports self-help, constant upskilling, and a vigilant eye on technology. A Webmasters responsibilities can vary greatly between organisations of various types and sizes.

It’s not unusual for a Webmaster to be expected to posses some skill and take part in a range of traditional IT roles for web related services or projects.

Irrespective of who traditionally performed them, following are some typical tasks that are potentially a Webmaster’s responsibility in a larger organisation with one or more web servers..

– Educating Authors and Customers
– Generating Log Reports
– Publishing & Managing Content
– Securing the Website and Servers
– Managing user/group accounts
– Interacting with clients
– Monitoring/Tuning server Performance
– Server-side Programming / ASP or PHP
– Client-side scripting / DHTML and JavaScript
– Templates creation for Authors
– User & Technical Documentation
– Upskilling & Following technology
– Website promotion and SEO