If you…


If you cry I will always be there beside you and catch your tears.
If you fall I’ll throw myself under you and save you.

If life gets too complicated ill erase your troubles with my heart.
I’ll sore with you far enough hoping we’ll never fall apart.

If your smile is upside down I’ll trade you my smile give you the world and everything that follows.
If your weak in the knees and can hardly breath I’ll lift you up and fill you up with a burst of air.

If and when your clouds turn black I’ll make it rain anf make the sun come back.
I’ll be your eagle and fly you through any weather when I’m old but, I’m here forever.

If you feel lonely call me name and I’ll come running.
I’ll wrap myself around you and tell you your my one and only.

If and when you need a hand remember you’ll always have mine even if my lifes gone bad.
I’ll put you first as I am to you, I’ll give you my strength even if I fall to my knees.

If I do you know that i do care because I love you and I’ll always be there.

-For Someone who is there with be but not with me.