View point of my dog

I woke up this morning with the sound of a strange buzzing. Uh oh it sounds like im in trouble….. Whew….He was just mad at the buzzing thing. That thing must get in trouble alot because it gets beaten every morning. Hey the big guy is getting up, I wonder if he is gonna feed me. I’ll go ask him……HEY HEY HEY I was asking for food not to be petted….Oh well I’ll just go bug mom to wake up maybe she will feed me.

SLURP SLURP SLURP… hmm she’s not budging…fine then I’ll just starve while she sleeps…Hey the big guy is leaving… let me go to the stairs to see what he is up to. HEY HE’S GOING INTO THE KITCHEN!!!! OOOOFF!!! missed that last step better check my tail. Yup it’s still there…OK hey whatcha got there big guy????? Something for me???? No no that’s fine you don’t have to wrap it up, I’ll just take it here on the floor. Hey where are you going with that?? No I don’t want to go outside..It’s WET!!!

Fine I didn’t want it anyways.. Yeah you better leave.. I would of bit ya in the butt if you stayed… Well what am I gonna do now??? HEY I thought I ate this bone already?… I am bored of this it doesn’t even run from you… Well la te da look who finally got up. It’s about time you know I’ve been waiting all morning…. Finally I’m being fed…. Hey wait a mintute, I had this yesterday… And I think the day before too. Well let me see what your having…No No I can’t see it when it’s that high move it down here…Fine I’ll just go up there…HEY this looks alot better you can have mine, I’ll take yours instead..OW what was that for? I thought we traded???

Why do you always want me to go outside??? Fine here I’m outside now let me back in. Hey Hey there’s the little play toy I wonder why he calls her mom too, he doesn’t look like me? HaHa snout up the butt…. that’s what you get for putting me outside. Why are you guys leaving now??? You always do this to me, everytime we start having fun you leave… Hey she forgot to put her toys up.. I love these things…I don’t know why she walks on them, they taste so much better when they haven’t been outside……Well that was fun, I left mom one so she could have some when she gets home, I’m so nice to think of her…Hmm why do these people always look at these round things on the wall.

It always gets them angry everytime they look at it. Well I’m getting kinda sleepy with my busy schedule so I guess I’ll take a nap. WHAT’S THAT??? HMM…What was that noise? I better bark just make sure…..Well I guess it was nothing. ZZZZZZZZZZ…hmm what?? Hey the big guy’s home… HEY and so is the Play Toy, let me at’em let me at’em… HEY hey hey easy with the collar dude….Wow he’s getting the treats out!!!! Sit???yeah I know that one see. Yeah yeah I know I’m a good dog, but I want the treat!!!! MMMM thank you thank you thank you…..Hmm peanut butter… I don’t know what it is but it sure is good!

Well mom should be home soon… everytime she’s about to be home he goes and opens that big door thing. Where she parks her toy with wheels, she wont ever let play with it though, but I like to take rides in it…..HEY SHE’S HOME SHE’S HOME SHE’S HOME SHE’S HOME..OWWW what was that for I was just happy to see you….ooooo no jumping….can do that for now, can’t make any promises about next time….. OH YEAH that’s the spot, right behind the ear…Hey it’s food time!!!! Mmmmm that was good…Hey what are you guys eating huh huh… OK ok i get the idea it’s YOUR FOOD..I was just Smelling it, thats all…OH there you are. You thought you could hide from me huh??? Well take THIS!!! SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK… HaHa yell for help all you want, but your MINE!!!! Huh where you guys going??? What do you mean bedtime??? But I’m not even Tiiirreeed…Well I guess I could take a cat nap…Oh did anybody hear me say that???? That’s right…nobody did. Well gooodnight mom SLURP…………..ZZZZZZ…………………………… Hey what’s that buzzing noise??

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