Ways to keep surfer stay longer at your website or blog

Have you ever encounter that your website is not profitable although you have done much to promote your website and getting lots of traffic? This could due to the fact that your website visitors are not staying there for longer time. There are some of the consideration you could take note of and these will be explained below:

Giving direct website
When a visitor surf and come to your home page, he or she will get his or her first impression. As such, the home page should be professionally designed. It should be appealing to the visitors. You could easily outsource to some professional website design company if you are not trained to do it.

Your website must contain four important information. You must tell the surfer what your website is exactly about and what is there for them. At the same time, you must also tell them why should they get Product/Services from there and why now. The last important information you must convey to your surfer is what is the benefit they will get from there

These messages should described in a short and precise words so that they could easily understood at one look.

Restricting from showing flash animation and pop ups
You must know that your target audience is world wide and there are many surfer who have slow internet connection or they do not have flash animation plug in. You must assume the worst scenario of your surfer.

As animation typically will takes up some time to load, it could be annoying for visitors just to wait to view the page. The situation will be even worst if their internet connection is slow.

For your information, those web pages with flash animation will also be difficult to index on most search engine.

Your web pages should try not to have any advertisement pop ups. Surfers could be annoyed. They may not be interested in these advertisements especially when they are surfing for something.

Saving surfer’s time
Now, think as you are a web surfers who are surfing for information. The key thing is that we would always want the information fast. As such, as a web master, we should also try to make our web page load faster. This could be possible if we could include less graphics and flash animation. If there is a real needs to include graphics or flash animation, you should try to reduce their file size so that they could be loaded faster.

Ensuring that pages are satisfaction in different browsers
Since your target audience is world wide, you must also know that appearance of a page could be different in various browsers. The appearance of a page should always be consistent in different browsers. After you have created your web site, you must always test the site in different browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Making your webpage consistent
The next important thing here is to get your webpage to be easily navigated. Viewers should be able to navigate without difficulties. They must be able to move forward and backward and to any place from every page. Content of the page must be able to explain itself with suitable heading in consistent manner on all pages.

  1. I have to agree that a professional design does help to retain visitors, but the design needs to be layed out in a manner which is easy to navigate.
    Good content is a must and your niche plays a very imprortant role in keeping visitors on your site.


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