Everything i did was for you
I was there for you
Everytime i saw you, you made me feel good
When i was in a bad mood you made me happy again
When i thought of you my heart beated faster
I smiled because i knew that you were a part of my heart
I belonged to you and no one else
You were always in my heart
And you will always be a part of me
Cause whatever happend i knew that you were always gonna be there for me
I couldnt stop thinking about you
Could never forget you
You were my everything, the only thing that was left inside of me
I wanted to be close to you, wanted to be with you
If i would have a last wish i would have wished to just see you one more time
I loved you more than anything that existed on this earth
I didnt wanna lose you
I never got to know what you felt about me
You refused to tell me
I didnt understand why, why you didnt wanna tell me
I just got more and more hurt for not knowing the truth
Didnt you understand what i felt for you?
I tried to tell you so many times
But you didnt listen to me
You told me the truth when I felt the worst
when i got to know that u didnt want me, i didn’t want to live anymore
You hurt me too much, so much that not even my heart could live with that pain
So just remember that
You were a part of my heart
And when that part disappeared, i also disappeared
“I died for you”

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